1999-2000 Bowman’s Best basketball pack


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6 cards per pack.

The packs state that the cards are “Super Premium,” and it’s no lie. These are thick cards with full foil fronts.

A rookie card is in EVERY pack. Among the rookies are Richard “Rip” Hamilton, Lamar Odom, Jason Terry, Ron Artest and Elton Brand.

Refractors are found 1 in 8 packs, with Atomic Refractors 1:33. Franchise Favorites (1:14), Franchise Foundations (1:21), Best Techniques (1:21), World’s Best (1:30) autographs (1:79) and Lottery Class Photos (1:100) are the regular inserts.

Autographed Franchise Favorites are 1:621. The Rookie Locker Room Collection features an autographed card 1:174 and jersey card (1:197).

With just 133 cards in the base set, you’ll get lots of top-notch players.