1997 BARRY BONDS CyberCard


The CyberCard of Barry Bonds is a CD-rom that can be used in either a PC or Mac, giving you hours of fun, seeing Bonds highlights, playing Bonds trivia, and going over statistics and analysis.


This is the most incredible collectible ever made!

You get a CD-rom featuring Barry Bonds that gives you more information and highlights and options than you thought imaginable.

The CyberCard is easily installed on any standard PC or Mac. You immediately get the feeling of being in a ballpark as you hear the fans cheer. Then, there are a half-dozen categories on which to click.

In STATISTICS, there are 15 subcategories from which to choose. In BATTING ANALYSIS, you see Bonds hit a home run, then the computer analyzes his swing angle, bat speed and stride length. The SCOUTING DEPARTMENT tells you more about Bonds and gives you hundreds of combinations you can click on to see how Bonds would perform when, for example, he’s on the road, on grass (no pun intended), his team trailing, in innings 7-9, with a full count and one out. YOU select the conditions!

There is a TRIVIA GAME to play, and there are VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS, where you can capture a frame of action and print your own baseball card! The PR DEPARTMENT tells you where the information came from and about various web sites.

This is … (see first paragraph)!!!


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