Decifer Enhanced Cloud City Star Wars CCG extension packs box

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12 boxes (various fronts) of 4 9-card limited edition expansion packs.

You won’t find these boxes anywhere! Basically, you’re getting 48 packs of extension cards (432 cards) in this heavyweight box.

They each contain three limited edition cards. The Light Side was composed by Chewie with blaster rife, Lando with blaster pistol, Lando in Millennium Falcon, Quiet Mining Colony/Independent operation, and Z-95 Bespin defense fighter. The Dark Side was made up of Boba Fett in Slave 1, crush the rebellion, Denger in punishing one, 4-LOM with concussion rifle, IG-88 with riot gun, any methods necessary, and This deal is getting worse all the time/Pray I don’t alter it any further.

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